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Christine Kloser | Host, Transformational Author Experience

June 18, Monday at 11:00 AM EST
Mastering the Transformation Quadrant
To impact lives with your book, there is one simple yet powerful tool you must master first… The Transformation Quadrant(™). Since 2011 this tool has helped thousands of people write their books and go on to accomplish amazing things. Christine will share her personal journey that led her to developing this tool and how you can use it to transform yourself as an author, your readers, your business… and ultimately, the world.

Marisa Murgatroyd | CEO, Live Your Message

June 18, Monday at 12:00 PM EST
Start With You
The most powerful way to ensure longevity and success as an author is to write your book and grow your business from the “inside out.” Meaning, no matter what topic you write about, or whether you build your business to five-, six-, or seven figures (or more), the only way to truly succeed is to work in your “zone of genius” and bring your unique expression to everything you do. This is exactly what Marisa helps many of today’s top thought leaders do… and now, you too!

Scott Hamilton | Olympic Gold Medal Men’s Figure Skating Champion

June 18, Monday at 1:00 PM EST
How to “Finish First” as an Author… and In Life
Writing a transformational book is a journey of ups and downs, highs and lows and everything in between. But when you know how to weather those storms and stay committed to “winning” in the long run, success is guaranteed. Scott Hamilton, who was diagnosed with a congenital brain tumor as a young boy, overcame unimaginable odds to become a four-time national champion, four-time world champion, win Olympic gold in men’s figure skating and become a New York Times best-selling author. He knows a few things about having a “winning” mindset and will share it all with you!

Jesse Krieger | Founder, Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press

June 18, Monday at 2:00 PM EST
Understanding Today’s Top Publishing Models
So, you want to write a transformational book… great! The next question is – how to get it published? There’s traditional publishing, self-publishing, hybrid publishing and more.. … This class is about understanding all of the publishing options available today, the pros and cons of each and how to know which one is right for you.

Tina Dietz | Audiobook Publisher and Podcast Producer

June 18, Monday at 3:00 PM EST
The Ins and Outs of Publishing an Audiobook
Audiobooks are the fasting growing segment of the publishing industry right now. Surpassing the growth rates of print and eBooks. Yet, only a small fraction of books are published as audios. During this class you’ll learn about the current trends, how to determine if audio is a good fit for you, how to distribute an audiobook and much more.

Bill Gladstone | Founder, Waterside Productions Inc.

June 18, Monday at 4:00 PM EST
How to Write a Book Proposal that Attracts Agents and Publisher
If you plan on pursuing traditional publishing, the key to opening doors to agents and publishers is writing an attention-getting book proposal. With 30+ years of agenting experience and placing more than 5,000 of his clients’ books with publishers, there’s nobody better than Bill Gladstone to share from his unique perspective exactly what goes into writing a great proposal, and getting the attention of someone like him.

Lee Constantine | Head of Growth, Publishizer

June 18, Monday at 5:00 PM EST
How to Use Pre-Sales to Get Noticed by Publishers
One of the biggest secrets to your book’s success is pre-sales. Pre-sales can get your book in front of the Big 5 publishers for a book deal… if you know how to do it right. Join this class to discover why pre-sales are so important for transformational authors, what a pre-order campaign looks like, ideas for your own campaign, and how to make your book stand out from the crowd.

 Gary Goldstein | Hollywood Film Producer, Pretty Woman

June 19, Tuesday at 11:00 AM EST
Is Crowdfunding Right for You?
In 2013, this “small time Hollywood guy” who once produced Pretty Woman, The Mothman Prophecies and Under Siege decided to write a book to help screenwriters break into the biz. Here’s what’s interesting: Gary launched the book through Kickstarter… generating an avid audience of fans, pre-sales and a nice chunk of change to fund his book launch. He’ll tell you exactly how he did it and how to know if crowdfunding is a good fit for you.

Geoff Affleck | Creator, eBook Bestseller Bootcamp

June 19, Tuesday at 12:00 PM EST
How to Leverage an ebook to Build Your Heart-based Business
eBooks are one of the best ways to spread your message and generate leads. And today, it’s super easy to publish an eBook with Amazon and Kindle… but it’s a whole other thing to actually get readers. Geoff is someone who knows the ins and outs of eBook publishing – and he’ll share an abundance of practical tips that will help you avoid mistakes and ensure the biggest readership for your eBook.

Christine Kloser | Host, Transformational Author Experience

June 19, Tuesday at 1:00 PM EST
How to Get Started and Stay Motivated to Write
Too many transformational authors make the mistake of pouring words onto the page without a plan. This leaves them stuck, frustrated and often writing the wrong book. Ouch! Here you’ll discover the first three steps every author must take to ensure long-term success in writing a book you and your readers will love forever. One of these steps covers the 250 most important words you’ll ever write… don’t miss it!

Marc Allen | President, New World Library

June 19, Tuesday at 2:00 PM EST
The Art of Writing a Transformational Book
Authors dream of writing a best-selling transformational book, yet many overlook what it takes to write a book that is actually best-seller quality. Marc Allen will teach you all he knows about writing a great book… one that gets noticed by publishers like him. This is a rare opportunity to learn from the man who put Eckhart Tolle and The Power of Now on the map!

Dallas Travers | Author, The Tao of Show Business

June 19, Tuesday at 3:00 PM EST
How to Write Your Book for Positioning and Brand Building
Within a few years of writing her book, Dallas doubled her business revenue twice… hitting nearly one million in sales without looking back. But it wasn’t her book’s content (which is fantastic) so much as how she wrote her book,used it to brand herself as an authority and positioned herself to become a widely-known and respected leader in her field. Here’s how you can do the same.

Wendy Keller | Literary Agent Behind 17 New York Times Best-Seller

June 19, Tuesday at 4:00 PM EST
A Literary Agent’s Secrets for Building Your Author Platform
The secret to success as an author – whether your book will be produced through Createspace or Random House – is “platform.” Platform is industry jargon for the large, growing group of people who know about and trust you as a valuable content expert. These people must be attracted and accumulated before, during and after your book’s publication date. During this class, you’ll learn how to do that from one of the industry’s top literary agents and marketing experts.

Chantelle Adams | Storytelling Expert & Public Speaking Coach

June 20, Wednesday at 11:00 AM EST
How to Turn Your Message Into a Movement
Powerful storytelling is the foundation of your book’s message. It’s also the key to finding clarity that connects your life experience to your life’s work. This is where your movement begins! It is your ability to share stories that inspire and cause people to take action. Join this class to discover the courage to share your most powerful message, get comfortable being visible in the world and launch the movement you were meant to create.

Nicole Holland | Authority in Podcast Guesting

June 20, Wednesday at 12:00 PM EST
Leveraging Other People’s Audiences to Share Your Message
No matter the size of your author platform, every author can benefit from learning how to leverage other people’s audiences to share their transformational message. And in today’s world, being a podcast guest is one of the most powerful ways to do that. Just imagine talking about your book on tons of podcasts that gets thousands of downloads! During this class we’ll show you exactly how to do that.

Alexia Vernon | Forthcoming author, Step Into Your Moxie

June 20, Wednesday at 1:00 PM EST
How to Get Lots of Fans Fast… as a Sought-After Public Speaker
In today’s rapidly changing world of authorship, one thing hasn’t changed at all… the power of public speaking to sell books, get clients and reach more people with your message. Yet many authors get overwhelmed, wondering… should I start speaking before my book is release? What type of engagements should i pursue? What goes in my speaker marketing kit? Do I need a speaker reel? The list goes on. But not for long because we’ll be covering all this, and more.

Selena Soo | Creator,  Impacting Millions

June 20, Wednesday at 2:00 PM EST
How to Reach More People and Change the World with Publicity
If you’ve ever watched a talk show, listened to the radio or read an article that made you think “I should be on that!”… you’re in the right place. Getting media attention is a critical piece of your author platform (even before your book is written). Join us to learn why publicity is so important, how to reach out to the media, build powerful relationships with influencers, and leverage the media you get to receive more! Stay tuned… your journey to getting publicity starts here.

Debbie Drum | Expert in Getting Book Reviews on Amazon

June 20, Wednesday at 3:00 PM EST
A Crash Course in Amazon Book Reviews
When was the last time you bought a book, watched a movie, or purchased a car without reading a single review? You probably haven’t. Because in today’s socially connected world, reviews have never carried so much weight… nor been so necessary for your book’s success. The question most authors ask is “what’s the best way to get reviews?” And in this class, we’ll answer that question for you, and so much more.

Adam Houge | #1 International Best-Selling Author

June 20, Wednesday at 4:00 PM EST
How to Launch a Best-Seller
It’s often said that you write the book once, but market it forever. It’s true. But did you know that the marketing you do to support your book launch is the most important marketing you’ll ever do? A book “takes off” or “dies” in the first 60 days of its launch. So if you want to know how to put your best foot forward to launch a best-seller – from someone who has more than 2.5 Million books in circulation – don’t miss this class!

Kristine Carlson | Co-Author, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff series

June 21, Thursday at 11:00 AM EST

How to Not Sweat the Small Stuff During Your Book Launch

With more than 25 million copies in print, the Don’t Sweat philosophy has impacted lives in every corner of the world… from children to centenarians. Join Kristine Carlson (wife of the late Dr. Richard Carlson) as she shares the Don’t Sweat philosophy for authors. Yes, writing and launching a book, and book-based business, can be stressful. But here you’ll learn how to walk your author journey in a blissful place of contentment and true lasting joy. Ahhhhh…

Tom Morkes | Launch Strategist Behind 50 Product Launches

June 21, Thursday at 12:00 PM EST
How to Launch Your Book Like a Renegade
Even though every transformational author needs to plan the launch of their book, no two launches are exactly the same. In fact, some authors take a “renegade” approach to launching. A few even do so without using Amazon or setting a fixed priced for their book. Common practice? No. Stellar results? Yes. Discover what it means to launch your book like a “renegade” and if this approach is right for you!

Alinka Rutkowska | Multi-Award Winning Author

June 21, Thursday at 1:00 PM EST
How to Sell Your First 1,000 Copies Without Burning Yourself Out
There’s a sad but true statistic that indie (self-published) authors need to know. And that is… a typical indie published book sells an average of less than 250 copies in its lifetime. So to overcome this statistic, join this class and learn the three highest priorities for a successful book launch, and discover what it takes to sell your first 1,000 copies… and get your book off to a great start!

Lisa Barnett | International Best-Selling Author

June 21, Thursday at 2:00 PM EST
Leveraging Your Book to Build a Business You Love
Ever wonder if you could really build a successful business based on your book? Look no further than this class, because Lisa Barnett is living proof it’s possible. Lisa is a TAE Diamond Pass graduate and Writing Contest winner. She won agent representation, signed a book deal and grew her business from $50,000 to nearly $250,000… shortly after writing her book. This might not seem too unusual, but her work is on the Akashic Records…. something many people don’t even know about. Come hear how she did it, so you can too.

Farnoosh Torabi | Author, You’re So Money

June 21, Thursday at 3:00 PM EST
Create Your Powerful Online Presence as an Author
How does an author go from unknown to well-known and appear all over television, on podcasts, and featured in the most popular magazines and websites? Farnoosh knows. She did it by writing a transformational book, and creating a powerful online presence as an author. There are a few key things you must do, and many you must avoid doing online to stand out from the crowd. So tune in and learn how to ramp up your presence and be a magnet for new and exciting opportunities.

Primoz Bozic | Author, The Ultimate Guide Checklist

June 21, Thursday at 4:00 PM EST
How to Grow Your Following Using “Ultimate Guides”
Writing your book is one thing… and writing a great “freebie” to grow your list – is another thing entirely. Primoz is the premier expert in how to write an “Ultimate Guide” to gain credibility, clout and confidence… as well as subscribers, clients and promotional partners to help you impact more lives with your message. There’s an art to doing this well and we’ll show you exactly what this is when you join us.

Tamara Monosoff | Amazon #1 Best-Selling Business Author

June 21, Thursday at 5:00 PM EST
The Author to Income Formula
There are specific – yet simple – ways to generate income directly from your transformational book… beyond book sales. Most of these strategies are under the radar for authors because they’re not widely known, or taught. Tune into this class and you won’t be one of the authors who miss out on these powerful tools for turning your book into an income-generating and impact-producing machine. We’ll pull back the curtain and give it to you straight. See you there!

Chris Kyle | Founder, Launch Academy

June 22, Friday at 11:00 AM EST
How to Create and Sell Online Courses
To succeed as an author – and create a lucrative, purposeful book-based business – you must learn how to create and sell online courses. Why? Because they’re the most highly leveraged way to impact more lives more deeply, and earn up to two-hundred times the profit when compared to the sale of your book. Tune in and learn how to avoid the common mistakes most authors make when creating their course, and discover “best practices” of top-notch course creators so you can apply them to your course.

Derek Doepker | Seven-Time #1 Best-Selling Author

June 22, Friday at 12:00 PM EST
Creating Long-Term Success as an Author
Being a transformational author who makes a big difference in the world isn’t a “ game you win” in the short run. Rather it’s a journey you master in the long run… and that mastery is in your mindset. Tune in to ensure you won’t be a flash in the pan as an author. Discover what it takes to be successful in the short run… and maintain that success for years or decades to come.

Morgana Rae | Author, Financial Alchemy

June 22, Friday at 1:00 PM EST
Financial Alchemy for Authors
What keeps you from making the kind of money you know you could make? What stops you from fulfilling your wealth potential? Those are the questions Morgana has helped thousands of people all over the world answer. And here she’ll help you not only answer them but give you solutions to change your relationship with money so you can easily receive more of it (in a way that feels right in your heart and soul too).

SARK | 5 Time New York Times Best-Selling Author

June 22, Friday at 2:00 PM EST
Turning Challenges into Gifts and Opportunities
The path to fulfilling your Divine purpose isn’t a straight and narrow one. Authors face challenges along the way no matter if they’re just starting out… or have already topped the New York Times list for months. Authorship is about growing, evolving, and learning how to transform every challenge into a gift or opportunity that can take you further on your path to success and fulfillment. Stay tuned as SARK empowers you to reach your goals no matter what obstacle may arise.

Bruce D Schneider  | Founder, iPEC

June 22, Friday at 3:00 PM EST
Uncovering the Life of Your Dreams
Bruce founded one of the largest accredited coach-training programs in the world certifying 15,000 coaches to date. (You may have heard of iPEC – the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching). Suffering a near-death car accident at age 18, he has spent his life on a journey of discovering his true essence and the “truths” of life. Now, after several decades of pursuing this passion, he’s sharing his most valuable lessons here.

Sandra Joseph  | Longest-Running Leading Lady in Phantom of the Opera on Broadway

June 22, Friday at 4:00 PM EST
Unmasking What Matters
For over a decade and 1,300+ performances, Sandra Joseph played one of the most iconic character on Broadway: Christine in Phantom of the Opera. Listen as she shares her biggest lessons learned on following and achieving your dreams, and fulfilling your true purpose. You won’t believe how she landed the role as Christine, married her Phantom co-star, and now inspires audiences around the world with her transformational message.


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