After training more than 70,000 authors in 90+ countries since 2011... Transformational Author Experience Has Officially Ended

We Hope You Have Enjoyed This Year's TAE

It's clear the Universe is nudging me to step into my "next chapter" in serving authors, leaders and messengers like you. THANK YOU to this amazing community that has allowed me to serve, grow and transform in ways I never imagined, and to witness you do the same.

It was TAE and incredible people like you that helped me step into being a catalyst for tens of thousands of authors around the world. I love and appreciate you and look forward to continuing our journey in the "next chapter" together.

Christine Kloser
Creator of Transformational Author Experience ®
and Get Your Book Done®


What People Say About Christine's Programs ...

"Working with Christine helped me to slow down and listen to my own inner voice, my guidance system, and become more fully who I was meant to be. I thought it was about writing, but in reality, it seems to be becoming so much more. I am becoming an author, but also a healer. I am writing an inspirational memoir and weekly blog that are all about my truth. I have no doubt that my work with Christine has given me the courage to do this thing which I thought I could not do."

Rachel S. Heslin

"Christine was the catalyst to many life-changing experiences for me. I became a certified life coach, began speaking to groups and presenting workshops.  Plus, I finally wrote my first book, Feeling My Way: Finding Purpose. It’s been an amazing journey of personal growth and discovery and of helping others along the way. Heartfelt thanks to Christine for being the spark that lit my spiritual and literary fire!"

June A. Van Valkenburg

"Christine has truly been my book midwife from conception to birth! Three years ago I had a nudge to write a book, but I had no idea what its content would be - nor how to go about writing it.  I started jotting down notes but felt very much in the dark. Then one morning, an email with the subject line: want to get your book done? Appeared out of nowhere, and it felt to me like it was a God send. I followed my intuition, signed up with Christine and stayed engaged in the process. She's been there for me all along the way." 

Carolin Hauser